Monday, January 30, 2012

Sometimes Genius Leads to Laziness

Dear Nancy Baym,

After reading the first two chapters of your book, Personal Connections in the Digital Age, it didn’t take long for you to get me intrigued or even just get my mind thinking about things differently. The funny thing is that it only took until the third page for this to happen. You mentioned a few questions that the disruptions digital media cause.

The question was “How we can be present yet also absent?” Yes, the question itself is so simple but yet sparked a lot of thought into my head. It made me think what the original purposes of technology innovation were. I’m sure that some of the reasons were to be more productive, efficient, or simply the need of change. The ladder seems to be one the most talked about reasons for technology innovation. But after reading that question, the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that we have this weird desire to not want to do things.

So what we do is invent things that give us the ability to be lazy. For an example, the remote control. By far has to be the laziest invention ever. I mean just think about it, we just were people that were tired of getting up and turning the channel. Another would be the car. We as people got tired of walking from place to place. Inventions like these just increasingly got us to be more and more lazy. So how is technology that allows us to be present yet absent any different?

GUESS WHAT PEOPLE ITS NOT!!! We once again we as people got lazy. We just got tired of having meetings with one another and going to see people. So we developed ways to be able to talk to each other but from a far. Then we got tired of literally talking to one another. Yea people you know that thing that you do with your mouth that you don’t do too much of anymore. Yea you got tired of that. So we invented things so we didn’t have to talk anymore. See the trend here and they wonder why obesity has gone up in this country especially.

THIS ONE IS FOR THE RECORD. I do understand that the advancement of technology over the last 20 years has done some great things for our society and enables us to do things we have never thought we could do and I am really for all the work we do to transform the world but we have to stop being lazy and taking these things as an excuse to be lazy.

Ms. Baym I want to thank you for showing my mind the door to all of these thoughts because it literally has never been opened before. As for the rest of chapter one and two, I enjoyed what you had to say and I am intrigued to see what you have left to say. I’m really looking forward to it.
                                                                                                            Amir Zaffa

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