Monday, January 23, 2012

One Hand in too Many Cookie Jars???

Dear Stephanie Rosenbloom,

Your article on social media overload simply opened my eyes to some new things and shed light on things that I didn’t completely understand. It also made me think about my own social media use.

One thing that you showed through the example with Jessica Lawerence is the power of social media when you effectively use it and focus on the power of one platform only. I myself have 4 profiles on 4 different sites and I can honestly say that I do not effectively use any of them and it makes me wonder why I have all these profiles and not actively use them to their full potential. I have a Twitter account, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn pages. I think that if I focus more on LinkedIn itself for my immediate future it will be more beneficial. As for Twitter, I think that I need to follow more people that can provide me with information that could be critical to my life instead of just following people for sports or comedic entertainment. Facebook will always be a tool that I will use for just friends until it dies out and Google+ I guess I’ll just wait for it to boom and if not ill get rid of it. But the example of Ms. Lawerence reminded me that too many can be a problem but a bigger issue would be not using a site for its true power.

One thing that I never really understood was why all these sites are synchronizing with one another and now it clear. It’s to keep users and help users reach more people even if they don’t go on their Twitter or Facebook page every day. I know it seems like it’s something so simple and obvious but hey I missed this one guys. Gimme a break will ya.

The most surprising thing that I didn’t know was that there was all this software and sites that could send automated messages and posts out on a certain date and time. Another thing that I found interesting was the software that can keep you off a certain site if you need to focus. I think that these things are really cool especially the schedule post idea. That makes life a lot easier for businesses that want to put out information these days. They can do it ahead of time.

They funny thing about the site blocking software is that being senior in college, I kind of wish I knew about it sooner. It would have made a lot of sleepless nights easier. But hey, I look at it this way I can use it on my kids in the future. That is when I have them.


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