Monday, January 23, 2012

Text Message Breakups

Dear Ms. Gershon,

After reading your article “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover: Media Ideologies and Idioms of Practice,” I agreed completely with you in the fact that the ongoing changes in communication and technology have made the comprehension of messages more complex. I know one of my biggest peeves when communicating through text messages is conveying sarcasm. Sometimes it is understood, but most of the time the recipient takes it to heart creating problems that shouldn’t exist making me yearn for more face-to-face interaction. However, in your article, you bring up the interesting question of why this yearning is taken to a new extreme when dealing with the ending of relationships through text messages, email, social media, etc.
I think it is not surprising that when dealing with a situation like that, none of us want to experience that.  As humans with our wide range of emotions, not meeting face-to-face is seen as low and cowardly, but also the reasoning behind the break up would be better understood as emotions and expressions are visible.
I understand the reasoning behind why some people do this, thinking it is easier as they won’t have to deal with the guilt and it’s acceptable the recipients cut off communication from that point on. I personally think it is wrong as people just want to be treaded honestly in life, so why is it such an issue to speak the truth? If you’re confident enough to date, you shouldn’t be afraid to live with your own decisions and be disrespectful to other people’s feelings.

- Kyle

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