Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too Many Choices?

Dear Stephanie Rosenbloom,
I was reaching out to let you know that I found your article, " For the Plugged-in, Too Many Choices," very eye opening. As a syoung adults, growing up in this current area, you almost become desensitized to quick changes, specifically in high-speed communication. Sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facbook, etc are just the tip of the massive social network iceberg. From them sites like, Twaitter.com, were created just to work in harmony with the main social networks like twitter.com.  According to your article, many members of current social networks are being indirectly being lead to "alienation". Which would be very ionic seeing as the purpose of these networks is to stay connected. We are to believe that the constant interaction and thirst to stay on relevant networks will overwhelm us. This leaves us more concerned with our news feeds than actual interacting face-to-face.

Too Many Choices?

On the other hand, there are individuals who don’t believe in the possibility of a “Burnout” from too much internet and social networks. Sally Wyatt’s believe that amazing growth of the internet is something temporary, and soon to dramatically shift.  This in turn affects the growth of social networks. She cites that many individuals that become of age, slowly us their social network less and turn focus to universal tools such as email.

Ms. Rosenbloom I would have to personally side with your ultimate argument. Though individuals like Wyatt have a point in the changing times, I think they fail to take into account the upcoming generations. Specifically my personal generation, who lived to see Facebook grow from a college only network to worldwide network,. As well as the generation being mine; A generation that has completely grown up on this sites like Facebook.

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