Monday, January 23, 2012

Social or what

I truly think that we are suffering from social network fatigue.  I feel this everyday and even I am starting to beginning to cut ties with specific social networks.  I already off the grid with facebook, but I find twitter to be a great implantation of quick themed social networking especially with gaining a market other than your friends on facebook.  I thought the author pretty well explained why social networking is making us tired and distracting ourselves from our work.  It is a reality that most of our younger generation is going to have to face being introduced to these networking options at such a young age.  I do wonder what the future holds within social networking.  It is such a fascinating subject in how it completely controls most peoples lives in every aspect and when the author said that most of his co workers do get the social network fatigue, they seem to spring a second breathe into them.  It's the same for me, but unlike going back with the second wind, I am weening off social networking to a point where at most, social networking will at least benefit me in some sense.

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