Monday, January 30, 2012

Survival of the Fittest

Dear Ms. Turkle,

After reading your piece, “Alone Together”, I have to say that I agree with the majority of points you raised.  Also, I couldn’t help but notice the parallel in the story of Darwin and where we are today.  Darwin told us that the species here today are only here because of natural selection and evolution, which includes adaption to the often-changing environment. 

Humans are included in these species.  One reason we’ve been able to establish dominance on earth, is our ability to adapt and use tools, and what is technology if not a tool?  Humans have to adapt to the rapid growth and use of technology if they want to “survive” in today’s world.  Here, survival doesn’t actually mean being able to feed oneself, but it is more being relevant.  In just about every workplace, technology has recently revolutionized normal practices.  Some fields have completely changed because of this.  If you have any hope of advancing in your profession, you must be skilled in the necessary technological practices.

As far as the robots go, I think it’s just the next step in our evolution.  It’s really just a tool at our disposal.  The fact is we have been using “robotic” technology for quite some time now for things such as medical procedures and production of all kinds of goods.  I don’t think anyone with half a brain actually envisions a world in which Will Smith will have to save us from robots that have bested us mentally and physically.  The same goes for romantic relations with said robots.  Sure, there will probably be a show on TLC about it because America is fascinated with strange few (i.e. Hoarders, My Strange Addiction, etc), but I doubt it will ever gain enough momentum as to divide people as much as same-sex marriage.  Then again, I guess you never can really know…

Kindest Regards,
Joe Guagenti

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