Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Mrs. Gershon,
            I feel that I have to agree with you in respect to your article, “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lovers”. It was very interesting to see all the different ways people used technology to communicate whether it is for work-related tasks, or to have important conversations with our closest friends/family.  However, what I’m astonished by after reading the article is how large the number is of people using technology to break up with someone as opposed to doing it in the traditional face-to-face setting.  It just shows how people are using technology and thinking that having these important discussions through a virtual setting is acceptable, and communication done by technology such as social networking sites, chats, or even texting, are one step in the wrong direction when it comes to our social relationships.
            Also, you give out the idea of having formal and informal mediums, and I agree when you say that meeting face-to-face is the most formal medium, especially if you need to do a break up.  I personally think that texting is the most informal way of communicating along with email.  However I’m confused how we’re supposed to know where the line is between formal and informal communication methods and how do we know when we’re crossing it?

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