Monday, January 23, 2012

The proper use of social media

Dear Miss Rosenbloom, 

I’m sorry Miss Rosenbloom, but although you made some valid points, I have to disagree with your article on too many choices. I have experience with helping brands use social media platforms and I have to say a few of your examples are what brands should not be doing if they want to reach and connect with their audience.  Using sites like and OnlyWire that rely on automation and syndication (posting the same content on multiple platforms) are not how you gain followers on multiple sites.  Each platform should focus on a different aspect of your brand persona.  Facebook for pictures and interaction with your audience, twitter for short posts that relate to current issues, Tumblr as a resource to give history on your brand.  You should not be posting the exact same content on all platforms or your audience won’t see the need to connect with you on more than one site. You also should not be making tweets months in advanced.  Twitter is a network that is constantly updated and has changing topics.  A brand that connects a hash tag that was trending months ago is not seen as Twitter worthy.  If your brand wants to make it in this ever growing (and important) field, then real time needs to be dedicated to creating your content strategy.

However using multiple platforms can be very beneficial.  Instead of posting the same content on every platform, the platforms should be connected.  Your twitter feed should be on your blog, and all of your sites should have links to your other sites.  Social media is about the interconnectivity between sites.  Allow your platforms to work together to create your desired persona.

As your own article states, social networking is now the number 1 use of the Internet.  How can you not see how it would be important to your business to be relevant on these networks? The company I interned for saw the value of assessing how influent someone is on these networks with scores like a Klout score.  Social media is a growing industry.  Those who understand proper strategy and how to be successful in the digital world are valuable assets to a company.  What better way to prove you can help a brand with it’s strategy than to prove you are active and influent across different platforms?

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