Monday, January 30, 2012

The Mask of Technology

Dear Ms. Turkle

I enjoyed reading you article as there were some very interesting points of conversation. I found myself nodding my head in agreement quite a bit. Considering the overall dependance on technology that is present in today's culture, one can understand how the way we interact it would evolve as the technology does. Think about how many people on house phones, then think about how many people own smartphones with dozens of applications and ways to communicate and disseminate information to other people. People have become so dependent on technology that the way we communicate has shifted from a more physical, face to face oriented conversation to a text message, a tweet, or and e-mail message. It allows for people to communicate in a way that we have never been able to before but it also changes communication pasterns. People no longer will travel if it's unnecessary. Why meet up for lunch when you can Skype from your bedroom or office?

The implimentation of technology provides its users with more functionality and ease of living. Now, you don't have to go to the movies or head to blockbuster to rent a DVD, one can simply stream on Netflix or one of the other thousand websites that may have acquired an illegal copy (SOPA/PIPA anyone?). Technology does allow users to take on somewhat of a whole new identity. You can only display what you want others to see as opposed to physical conversations providing the whole makeup of a person. On social networking sites you can choose to display which pictures best represent you, your personality, and what you are about. This however can be deceiving if ever physical interaction shall occur. You don't ever want to have to hear "You didn't look like this in your profile picture!" or something along those lines because it means you could be misrepresenting yourself. Technology is allowing users to recreate themselves. This is such an interesting oppurtunity because you can really become what you want sometimes. As long as the user doesn't lose their grasp on reality.

My take on the current state of technology: I actually think with the new technology being created, communication is heading in a negative direction. Not so much for the ability to talk to others, but in the physical. The aspect of physical face to face conversation is becoming a lost art. I'm just a fan of good conversation between a circle of friends or a good ol' debate. It's easy for people to talk behind a screen but I'm more into the physical. Put the phone down, log off Facebook, stop stealing WiFi so you can watch Netflix on an account that you acquired through a friend of a friend, and go outside and talk! Enjoy life.

Stay Safe,
Keith M.

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