Monday, January 30, 2012

Human Robot Love?

Dear Sherry Turkle,
Upon reading your interviews and your perspective on the effects of technology on human lives, I cannot agree more. I actually feel like your writing is almost reflecting my own thoughts, my own experiences with technology and people who are addicted to them. Being surrounded by friends who would rather text than call, friends that would leave responses on messengers, friends who would be so fixated in their own world on the web that they neglect any sorts of human contacts, I can relate to your experience.
Technology is a very persuasive topic, it is also one of the world's fastest evolving enterprise. Not only has technology evolve into an addictive fix in front of a screen, it is now slowly taking a physical form in the real world. The part that most intrigued me in your reading was the section on robots, where as time passes, people can ultimately replace real human to human interaction with robotic companions. The book, Love and Sex with Robots has an interesting plot. It is really determined to announce the idea that robots will actually be a better intimate companion than a human will.
The biggest problem people nowadays faces is the feeling of loneliness, but they fear even more to display any emotions toward another human being. Technology has filled in the loneliness people feel when they are alone, it allows them to become attach to something without having to experience any real emotional feelings. In the end, I cannot agree with you more when you mentioned that we can "recreate ourselves as online personae and give ourselves new bodies, homes, jobs, and romances. Yet, suddenly, in the half-light of virtual community, we may feel utterly alone" (Turkle 12). Technology will always be associated with the feeling of loneliness. No matter how evolved they can become in the future, it will never surpass any real human contacts.


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  1. great bursts of thought - would love to see more development of your lines of thought.