Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover

Dear llana Gershon,

After reading your article, I have to agree that with today's mediums that are being used via email, chat, Facebook, text messaging, it overall helps make getting the message or the communication in more than one way.  Face-to-face interaction is becoming less and less today in relationships, whether they are intimate relationships or platonic relationship.   I think that as people come to develop their solution to social quandaries with their friends they are also creating ethical expectations or whether these technological uses are right or wrong.  Personally I think that even though we have these new technological advances, we have to remember that there was a day that we did not have them.  I think people take advantage of the fact that they can hide behind a computer, or a message, and avoid the actual experience of face to face.  Also people have become lazier because sending a text, or an email is a lot easier to do and deal with most of the time then embracing the situation. 
I would have to say that I overall I do agree with what your saying because today we have so many ways to get our message across, and how people understand the media they use ultimately helps shape the ways they will use it.  I too think that today especially people often take for granted their own assumptions about how a medium shapes the information that is being transmitted.  I know that in my previous relationship we struggled with communicating because we were texting all the time, and messages were being mixed up and leaving us both confused.  Which only created more problems.   I think that overtime people can practice these changes and better understand how to use these medias to appropriate practices.

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