Monday, January 23, 2012

Social Networking Syndication

Dear Ms. Rosenbloom,

After reading your article I can definitely say you pose striking arguments and point of views about the advancement of social networking platforms and their notable involvement in the daily lives of people.  With so many sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and others like Buffer and TwitResponse that I did not know existed, it could be difficult to convey a message to people with a variety like that.  A lot of people look to social networking platforms to express emotions and thoughts to their “friends” and “followers”.  People also use the sites to inform people about the latest information in their lives or someone else’s.  What I found most interesting was the syndication of all these social network sites.  As they are in some ways competitors with one another, it is interesting to see how they are all working together to make sure the users of all interfaces can spread information rapidly and efficiently.  As you mentioned, websites such as, OnlyWire and HelloText allow people to post something across multiple networking sites at once.  This is an extremely valid point to bring up.  While people complain how there are too many social networking websites that consume their time, these websites right here exemplify the efficiency of all of them.  It is up to the individual to decide exactly how much time they spend on their social networking site.  However, these websites are extremely useful in spreading information across different audiences and society as a whole.  Being able to syndicate multiple sites together allows people to interact with one another even if they have different networking preferences.  Again, you bring up valid points and I strongly believe without these websites people would not have access to important information as quickly and efficiently as they do now.  

Steve Schreck

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