Monday, January 30, 2012

I f**king love technology

Dear Turkle,

I enjoyed your book and I do have some points that I have to agree on with you.  First off, I think computers sometimes become to integrated into our lives and with the merging of technology and humanistic views, it gets tougher to keep these items split apart, in my opinion.  I enjoyed reading one part about how computers are no longer waiting for humans to project meaning on them, but now technology has provided a social technology that speaks to us on a level never known before.  Computers and technology are becoming so integrated into our lives, it's hard to tell them apart.  It's kind of a mind blowing experience from what I can say on my behalf.  Technology is making these everyday interactions so seamless that people sometimes fail to recognize this at times and therefore, become sucked into it, which at times can be unhealthy to a point.  Another point that was made was that of communication through text messaging.  The ability to communicate easily in our busy lives, but have the ability to shut it off in a moments notice.  As I also read, you spoke about Ellen and her grandmother speaking over Skype  once a week.  I myself, deal with the same problem Ellen does.  I tend to multitask as I speak to loved ones on Skype.  In a sense, I do enjoy having that face to face contact, but it isn't the same as being there in person.  I do feel like there isn't enough time in a day to complete all tasks and still be truly sociable to an extent, yet the technology is there to help fulfill that need.  I do in a sense, agree with most of what you said.  It is not because the technology is becoming more intelligent that we feel the need to embrace it seamlessly into our everyday lives, but these technology fill those voids that a human needs to fill.  Technology has embraced those vulnerabilities and amplified them just the right amount to gain our full attention.

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