Sunday, January 22, 2012

Devoted users

Dear Stephanie Rosenbloom,

Your article was really interesting because I honestly had no idea there were that many different social networking sites out there. To add on, I did not know that sites such as "Buffer, SocialOomph, and TwitResponse" existed to allow the author write their posts months in advance and have a time release on them to be published at a later date. That's just crazy to me because how would the people know what they're feeling later on or what future events goes on. I feel like those sites are giving people the option to stay connected when they clearly cannot keep up if they have to have the posts published on a certain date in the future.

I have a Facebook and Twitter account, and I believe that's already enough to handle. I first had Facebook because it became popular first and then I decided to try out Twitter because it was the next big thing. Since then, Twitter has grown really popular in users because celebrities, franchises, famous companies, and growing companies all have an account. Also, now on Facebook, people use hash tags in their statuses which incorporates the idea of Twitter.

I see this happen all the time when people first meet another person, they quickly ask if they have a Facebook account or a Twitter account to either request them as a friend or follow them on Twitter. When they come to an understanding that they both have an account of whichever one, they realize they have something in common. Like you said in the article "every networking site has its own culture," which simply means that for each site, certain people have a preference for one over the other.

I also agree with the quote that Mr. Kaufman said which was "If you use your willpower once to change the environment, there's no discipline required." Probably because I lack willpower from checking news feed constantly, I believe that if I was to do what Mr. Kaufman does such as turning off my internet on my computer while I am doing homework, then I have no choice but to stay focused on schoolwork.

Your article speaks the truth about social networking sites and how every other month there is a new site trying to become the next big thing. I am excited to read more upcoming articles.


Stephanie Hau

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