Monday, March 5, 2012

Your privacy is not my business

Dear Boyd,

I enjoyed reading your article and it actually makes sense of what you are mentioning about privacy concerns facing people in social networks.  People will always be watched and always have eyes on them, no matter what social network they are on.  That is the time we live in where the downside of being social connected and networked is that of constantly surveilled on the Internet.  But as you had mentioned in the article, it is not how we generally fight against being surveilled on the internet, but in the actions we take towards fulfilling our own feeling of privacy. In ourselves, is where our own sense of what privacy lies.  I think you made complete sense of this with the two examples you provided.  The structure of power needs to reverb on our side of the court.  We need to take the power to control how others view ourselves on these networking sites.  This is our sense of privacy, and it changes within all of us.  Back to the two examples, one of access of interpretation and the other from limiting access from others to their past.  With the access of interpretation, the user wants to be able to control on how she is viewed through her content.  It helps her privacy issues without having to access the tools on the site.  These are both strategies that I have used myself and they have worked.  I have come to a point in my life where I have limited by complete use of networking.  I no longer have a Facebook due to the privacy issues when I had become tired of grooming my Facebook for others.  I missed the off the grid feeling for a while and the only networks I associate with are for professional purposes where my privacy concern about my personal life in none of the concern.  I learned a lot through your article and it definitely ties in with a lot of issues that I have dealt with over time.  These issues have hurt me in the past and I no longer wanted to deal with it so I did what was best and removed myself from the situation.

Best Regards,

Carlos Feliciano

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