Monday, March 5, 2012

Ms. Boyd

Dear Ms. Boyd,

I think that looking at surveillance and privacy is an excellent way to figure out how one shows their identity online. When it comes to Facebook I think your example of Carmen and Shamika was an excellent way to show how Carmen had agency as opposed to just deleting everything. The statement, "When people understand their position in the constellation, they can then achieve the very essence of what privacy is all about". I think that most people are worried about what is being shared on the internet when it comes to themselves and their personal lives. Most college students are pretty tech savvy when it comes to privacy setting on Facebook, but even I struggle with monitoring whats shared and what isn't. I think that if someone wants to take on a personal page on a social media then it is their responsibility to monitor who is shown and what isn't. By stating that people are public-by-default and private-through-effort when it comes to these media's is a great way to look at these new lives.

When a person has agency over the internet that automatically promotes power. Instead of worrying about what others are going to see, agency allows people to have the control of what people see. I think that the comparison between paparazzi and celebrities is something we all find interesting, because we don't experience. So I think it is safe to say that we all definitely do enjoy other's taking an interest in what we are doing. But if we want others watching what we do then we just need to have agency in knowing exactly what we post and how it is perceived. I think this article was an excellent way to articulate how people should go about their Facebook lives and how monitoring it is not that hard, if you want to have your life shown publicly.


Nicole Lengyel

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