Saturday, March 31, 2012

week 10

Dear Mr. Keen,

I agree with your reading about how social media and blogs along with other user generated media are destroying the world around us. In your reading, it stated. “In this era of exploding media technologies there is no truth except the truth you create for yourself.“ People are starting to believe what occurs on the internet is what real life is. They are meshing the virtual world with real worlds and letting it affect their real lives. Our cultures and beliefs are being tested. For example, there are so many cases where relationships are ruined because of secrets kept on social media and user generated programs. There have been cases where cheating occurs, people rekindle over the internet and live are ruined. In your reference to blogs, its completely true that this is what is ruining our economy. In the cases you spoke about how blogs were being used in relation to public relations, so many companies have spent so much money trying to fix the damage that people caused them on blogs. It’s a never ending man eats man cycle. The worst part is that everyone wants to point their finger on what causes the economy to be so shitty, however they should point to the blogs and open their eyes to see the truth about them. Culture is being corrupted and in your reading you stated, “Our culture no longer bothers to use words like appropriation or borrowing.” The audiences of the social media content are getting more involved and because the authors themselves, there is not just one author and its compromising the content that is being displayed. No single person gets the credit for something anymore. And in relation to that, that is very similar to the problems that journalist are facing today because of social media. On twitter, peole want to be the first to “break the story” so they post something without even finding out the truth first. And that goes back to the first thing I mentioned in this letter. Like you said the truth is what they are creating themselves and people want to rush to post news but it might not be the REAL truth. It’s a problem that we have to face but I 100% agree with you and I think this is just the world that we are forced to live in now.

Deanna Dimino

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