Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Group Dynamics

Dear Susan Cain,

Reading your article made me really think about how helpful or harmful it is to be in a group. When you are working within a group you have to rely on other people who sometimes you don't know very well. Because you don't know them very well you are not aware of their character traits. There are times when you are on a group with individuals who are completely capable of handling all assignments and tasks that are thrown at them; but there are also other times where sometimes other members of the group has to pick up the slack of maybe one or two stragglers. I believe that working alone has its benefits, this is because you have full creative control over everything that is going on with the assignment or project. You mention that especially in schooling there is a group aspect. From personal experience and the DCIM minor, I am aware that there is a huge group work aspect. Just this semester alone I have over three group projects.

I think that by reading your article as well as Clay Shirky and Andrew Keen, I have come to the conclusion that group work is more of a positive than a negative. When working in a group you have the ability to collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other. This also goes back to the saying "two heads are better than one," when you have multiple creative minds working on one project chances are the results will be better than that of one single thought. Working in groups can sometimes cause disagreements on creative ideas, but if groups can work together to discuss and work through problems then they will ultimately be more successful.

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