Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Privacy on the Internet??

Dear Danah Boyd,

            I feel that these days, people definitely and knowingly let the public into their lives. Now a days, we read disclaimers agreeing to websites having and sharing our information. Google, for example, collects data from our searches to find advertisements that we may be interested in. We are knowingly agreeing to let Google into our personal lives. They are able to find out more information than we might be aware of. Facebook works the same way except it is the user who is choosing what information they choose to post and share with the world. In the article, you mentioned two cases, one of which the girl involved wanted to gain attention during a break up so she posted a song lyric so that people would know how she was feeling. Personally, I have seen and done this first hand. However, we are allowing people to have access into our feelings and lives and if we choose to delete it later, it is never actually really gone from the internet. At this point, by simply using the internet we are sacrificing a degree of privacy. I think it is this reason that people continue to post on Facebook and Twitter, because we know our online identities are already being made for them, so they should have some control over this.


Chelsey Berger

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