Monday, March 26, 2012

Groupthink is a hell of a drug!! lol

Dear Susan Cain,

Your article on group think brought up a few topics that I thought were very interesting and are things that are changing our world in my opinion. I think that group think can be a good and bad thing.

First, lets take the good side. In history some of the greatest findings, movements, discovers, etc have been made off the shear fact that people are so closely knitted that they believe in one thing. You can look at the civil rights movement, any successful team you can think of, or even teams of doctors that discover life changing findings in medicine. Group think can be a good thing and at the very basic levels groups and teams.

On the other hand, the bad side. There are so many bad examples of group think that have been bad the list goes on and on. Some are the Holocaust, slavery, gangs, and many more. These are examples of when group think gets taken to the extreme. Usually in these cases, there is a figure head that has his/her beliefs and instills them on to groups members and then the members align themselves within the belief system. This version of group think is always bad for the most part. This only happens within groups where creativity is limited and no one has a true voice, it is only about what the group thinks and nothing more or less.

I think group think for the most part is bad cause it hiders innovation, stops the generations of ideas, and hurts productivity. Yes, sometimes group think is good but only for so long until things go bad and it always does with group think. Don't believe me, try it yourself.

Amir Zaffa

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