Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week 4

Week 4

Dear Joe Sanchez,

Your article and it’s description of the progression of online gaming was very interesting, especially your description of the way games and societies have changed and evolved thru the ages to be more interactive with its users. These games clearly have to do with technology and it’s advancements, but I personally think it also has a lot to do with users/gamers themselves.  The gamers are the ones who give the makers a reason to keep changing and advancing the games, it’s so it keeps the gamers engaged and wanting to play more.   These online “social spaces” are common in games such as Second Life.  However, it’s a controversial topic it seems as to whether we can call Second Life an interactive game or a lifestyle because games require tasks to achieve or levels to go onto.  However, Second Life involves realistic things like money that is changed into Second Life money and can be used and then reverted back to really dollars.  This money is used for things like building houses, buying clothes, etc which gives it the “real” aspect to it.  “Games” like Second Life make you think of these online social spaces and wonder if all the advancements in technology are healthy because people start to sit on their computers, “living” in these social worlds as opposed to in our real life/world.  I feel like even in these online social worlds where people can interact with others, it should not take over all of our time we have that we could and should be spending with people and actually doing things.

Gabby Theroux

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