Monday, March 5, 2012

Secrets should stay buried!

Dear Danah Boyd,
                Upon reading your article, the discussion about the four different regulatory really enlightened me. Since switching into this minor, several of my minor classes already discussed the social network and the ability and danger they possess concerning the user's privacy. Invading people's personal privacy by collecting data from these social networking sites such as Facebook can be troublesome, especially when those information can let these people hold some sort of power over people they know. And I am not just speaking about the company that runs Facebook, but the users also have the access into other people's profiles. Learning about the four regulatory: the market, the law, the code, and the social norms reassured that these inappropriate actions can be regulated and consequences will be issued accordingly.
                From the examples provided by your article, both Carmen and Shamika realized that their profiles are being watched, yet they done nothing to prevent that from happening. You even stated that they want to be watched. The thought occurred to me that when people create their profile and post status, the information they decide to upload, no matter what it is, should be information that they will not mind others to see. Otherwise why would they upload them at all in the first place? The development concerning agency toward the end of your article really provided a resolution to wall this invasion of privacy matter. By diverting all the attention with information that are not as crucial, there will be rooms to leave some secrets buried. Which goes back to my point. You are responsibility for everything you decide to share, and whatever you decide to not share should stay hidden away from the internet. That way, no real privacy will be breached along with no secrets will be revealed.

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