Friday, March 2, 2012

To Dana Boyd,

I appreciate your essay on surveillance and society in terms on Facebook. In these days, Facebook is certainly being used as a tool by people to watch other whether it is by friends, family, strangers, or potential employers.
Even today, I received another e-mail about Google updating its privacy settings. But, to be honest, I did not take the time to open and read it after receiving it this morning, and now it is the late afternoon.
Your points about the two case studies, Carmen and Shamika, I find I can relate to. My mother and brother are on Facebook, and there are times where I would want to restrict what is visible.  I think Facebook created these settings because people are aware they are being watched and they desire the agency to decide who gets to watch them.  Any post can be restricted to the outside world.  If people did not have this power, I am sure less would be willing to use the site, or would at least be smarter about what they are freely sharing.
- M.

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