Monday, March 5, 2012

Does Privacy Exist?

Dear Ms. Boyd,

It was extremely interesting reading your article about privacy in the social networking world.  With so many users currently and also beginning to create user accounts on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, what people post and other information about themselves is beginning to more accessible and widespread.  While people are “watching” others they are being “watched” as well.  Sometimes we do not know who is watching us.  For example, a Facebook page of an individual was requesting a lot of kids in my High School my Senior year.  However, nobody recognized this “classmate”.  It turns out, it was a hoax Facebook page being controlled by a local cop to try and find out information regarding possible parties and other areas of their interest. 

It is up to the user to determine how much they are willing to be watched and which information is available for others to see.  Many people have different interpretations of privacy and it is up to them to be able to fulfill their satisfaction.  In your article you talk about access of interpretation.  I can relate to this example because it relates to how a user has control over how they are viewed online.  As I am currently looking for jobs I decided to make my Facebook page more private to the public by only providing my Profile Pictures as viewable.  All the other pictures that I am tagged are only viewable to myself as I do not want other employers to possibly be turned away because of a picture they may not like.  This is enough privacy and I was able to decide how I am viewed online to the public by using tools of a social networking site like Facebook.

Steve Schreck

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