Monday, March 5, 2012

Say Happy Birthday to Me Guys, My Birthday was Yesterday......SERIOUSLY!!! lol

Dear Mr. Plotz,

Well we had your article, My Fake Facebook Birthdays, to read this week for class and it seems to be quite appropriate for me given that my birthday was today. I think that your article points out all the terrible things about how people remember other people's birthdays. I think it is terrible that people can only remember a so called "friend's" birthday because of Facebook. Some friends we all must be. I am also guilty of this but only to my true friends. Over the last couple of years, for my friend's on Facebook, I have started to delete friends for their birthdays if I don't feel obligated to say happy birthday to them and I hope they are doing it to me also because if we are not that important to one another then why are we friends on Facebook.

One of the other things about this topic that bothers me is the fact that only a small percentage of people that your friends with on Facebook actually say happy birthday to you and even a smaller percentage you actually would call close friends. Its crazy how this has become such a wild phenomenon. My own roommate said happy birthday to me on Facebook instead of in a text, phone call, or better yet in person. We are clearly becoming faker and more distant from each other as people and technology is the culprit.

One thing I will say about the people that say happy birthday to me on Facebook, if they truly can't get into contact with me, see me, and they do not know its my birthday because of Facebook and they say it on there, I am truly grateful for it. Otherwise, I'd rather not have the fake wishes.

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