Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Dear Constance Steinkuehler & Dmitri Williams,

I thought your article was very interesting and easy to understand. The way you approached online communities was from a standpoint of someone that had absolutely no information about it. At the same time I thought you managed to cover many if not all of the points of an online community. You showed how because it was a game, the conversation/social interaction between other players is playful. I think this is actually a very important aspect of a game that keeps players coming, without it a game is just something with a start point and an endpoint, the social interaction is what keeps many players coming back to their online communities. While conversation is a big part of activity within games, I would not say it is the MAIN part of a community. The actual game function is still the main activity no matter what. You can still keep social interaction with other players to a bare minimum while still being part of their community and participating in group interactions like raids.

I think that breaking down the game into those different sections to talk about them was smart. Breaking it into those smaller sections makes it easier to understand. It also allows people to understand how complex it is and that its similar to what goes on in the real world.

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