Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Middle Ground

Dear T. L. Taylor,

I think that its interesting that instead of just researching and watching others play online in Everquest and then meet in real life at a "bash" or convention, you put yourself into Everquest and played and interacted with other players before then going to a in real life meet up. I think starting online and creating bonds is one thing, but meeting them in real life is a totally another and is a step forward out the stereotypical old fat nerd living in their parents' basement. People think that nerds are these outcasts of society that can't interact outside of the computer screen, but I think these bizarre meetings in real life are the proof that they are not antisocial.

Separating the people's identities online and offline is difficult, but they are not totally separate voids of each other. What one is like online is surely part of them in real life too, perhaps just not as strong or just not displayed. I disagree that online cannot be a replacement of what people have in real life. I think that an online world where one can bond with others and interact socially can be a replacement for real life, especially if the bonds you form with each other are deep. Something is always better than nothing and if the person does not know or does not remember what it would feel in real life, the online relationship would be amazing.

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