Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Group Think and Collaboration

Dear Susan Cain,

Reading your article on group think really made me reassess how collaborating in groups is hindering productivity. When thinking of how people are influenced I realized that those who are in a power position have the ability to influence a major audience. The same goes for a group work situation. If the leader isn't completely knowledgeable of a situation, he or she still has the power position and thus has the ability to sway members of a group to their means of thinking. It is interesting how people blindly agree with others who have that power. It also makes one think of democracy and how those with the voice and the power have the ability to move people. People who do not even fully know the situation or issue will move towards one side of the fence simply because of a name that is recognized.
Shirky's article discussed trust and collaboration. This relates to group think because when a leader or a person in a position of power is influencing others those who are influenced trusts the person in a position of power. People listen to others because they trust that the person has the groups best interest in mind. Keen's article talked about online media and through online media especially people have a tendency to trust any and everyone's opinion on subjects. As a user, it is important to choose who you listen to on certain subjects. It is sort of like a democracy, and through democracy people join one side based on similar opinion and thought.


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