Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sherry Turkle—
TECHNOLOGY IS NO SUBSITUTION FOR THE REAL THING. Absolutely agree with this statement.   People have become so infused with technology that they forget the importance or value of real life experiences with the people in their lives. 
Another statement that I absolutely agree with is that digital connections offer this illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship.  >  People think that they are friends with some people because they are connected with them through technology.  Technology is a way for people to hide.  No non-verbals, no tone of voice, no/little immediate response.  Technology is convenient, but is friendship or relationships supposed to be convenient?  That’s not what I’ve been taught.
Being connected and using technology at all times has become a social norm.  But should it become a social norm to primarily use technology as a form of staying connected to people in one’s life or should technology be used to enhance those relationship and to stay “in the know”. 
Take Second Life, for example, people have formed identities and relationships completely outside of their real world in the virtual community and some value that world more than the actual one they live in.  Is this healthy?  Is it socially acceptable?  Should it be?
I think that people can use technology for convenience to stay connected and in touch with the people in their lives, but if using technology is the only way those people stay connected than I do not believe that it is a real relationship or friendship.  Physical interaction is important for human relationships of any kind.
Yours truly,
Karra Logan

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