Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Online Community Interactions

Dear Steinkuehler/Williams,

I found your reading “Where Everybody Knows Your (Screen) Name: Online Games as ‘Third Places.’“ to be a thorough read. I am well aware of online community interaction through personal experience. Reading your take on the subject was rather interesting though. Engaging in online gamin allows users the ability to take on a separate persona in which to interact with others as. Online communities are filled with like minded individuals who are all using the game for a similar purpose. Through online gaming communities users have the ability to collaborate with others in order to complete tasks and missions through teamwork. It is an interesting subject to think that teams are reliant on others whom they have never met in their lives. Online games provide users with an opportunity to communicate problems and take on a new persona through a gaming outlet.

Another aspect of the online persona through online gaming is the avatar. The avatar is the user or players own means of representation in a digital environment. This further explains why the use of online gaming communities allows the user the opportunity to reinvent themselves. An avatar is how the user is viewed in the digital world. Through online communities such as second life, for example, you have the ability to be an animal if you wanted to be. Through online games you are allowed to choose roles and classes as well as pick weapons and gear that you like or fits your personality. Everything is based on how you wish to be perceived in the digital world. Online gaming communities promote collaboration and teamwork. You use social interaction to work towards a common goal of completing the game and/or mission.


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