Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Honestly, I have no idea.  

Gaming is something I do not understand.  I mean yes, when I was growing up I played Nintendo 64 and those kinds of games, but even then it didn’t consume my time.  I would have much rather played “Man-Hunt” outside with my friends in the neighborhood or even watch TV. 
The sad thing is I think people game because they don’t have a lot of social interaction or friends in their “real” lives.  I feel like gamers are usually socially awkward.  So are these people socially awkward because they play games or do they play games because they are socially awkward?  A question that I often ask myself about gamers.  What made gamers become gamers?  What makes people prefer to be in a virtual world with people that they don’t know rather than their own “real” world with real human beings and interaction?
I guess some people could argue that social networks are virtual worlds and could be considered some type of gaming but I’m going to say that 9 times out of 10 people either know the people they are connected to on their social networks personally or at least have met them in person once before becoming connected.
I think people who do not get the feeling of “connection” from their worlds often turn to different outlets causing gamers. 

-Karra Logan

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