Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Virtual Anonymity

The fact that people can anonymously display themselves is a scary thing.  Online outlets of any kind can/do have people who are portraying an image other than themselves. 

Second Life> PEOPLE CAN BE ANYTHING THEY WANT TO BE!!! Is this creepy or creative? Ughh both?  It’s creepy for the 30 something year old man to be playing a young teenage girl but it’s kinda creative for someone to ya know, be a wolf or something.  Right?  You don’t know who the people are they you are interacting with in Second Life.  Most people that you come across you don’t know personally, obviously.  You don’t even know their real name in most cases cause that doesn’t have to be real.  And even if It does look like a legitimate name, how do you know it’s real. 

People have the ability to post pretty much anything they want to the internet for anyone to see.  Some things can be traced back to the person but there is also anonymity. 

Remember when people were changing their facebook pictures to their favorite cartoon for some kind of awareness for children and it turned out that pedophiles started that in order to friend young kids without them knowing who they were.  CREEPY. ANONYMITY.

I’m all for people expressing themselves in their own way but I don’t like the idea of people portraying to be something they are not >> meaning a completely false identity.

-Karra Logan

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