Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Living with Technology

Dear Mrs. Rosenbloom,

Your article “For the Plugged-In, Too Many Choices” made me realize how social media can run our lives, or in some people’s cases, use it to run theirs.  I was impressed that Jessica Lawrence was able to use Twitter to her full advantage to find a job, apartment, and boyfriend.  Instead of being burdened by having multiple profiles on different social networking sites, Jessica was smart to stick to one and use it to her full advantage.  I think it is great how people are able to use social media in more creative ways now than just staying in touch or stalking their friends; some have changed their whole lives with it and even learned how to make money from it.  

However, your article also shed light on how having multiple social networking sites are getting harder and harder to manage, which I agree to an extent.  I really think it just depends on the person and how capable they are of running these multiple sites.  For example, I have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and Google+, and having all of those at the same time does not overwhelm me in the least bit.  Then there are those people who cannot even handle just having a Facebook because they cannot keep up with it, or are on “tech overload”.  I think when it comes down to it, it’s really just how you choose to spend your time on these sites and who the person is that is controlling them.    

Connie Zhen

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