Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stephanie Rosenbloom,

The amount of social networking sites you named in your article is unbelievable.  I had no idea there were so many.  I also was taken back by the fact that some sites such as “Buffer, Social oomph, and TwitResponse” allow the writer to hold off on posting their material until a later date with a set automatic release.  How are people supposed to know what their response to a particular topic or issue is going to be in advance?

I use social media and like to think I am “connected”.  I have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram accounts.  I find with my new iPhone that I am much more connected and using the sites more.  I rarely went on Facebook before getting my iPhone, now I’ll check it every few hours or when I’m “bored”.  Facebook was my first social media account (besides mySpace, but does that really count) and now it is my least favorite and one I use the least. 
I use my social networks for a variety of things. 

·      Facebook > I mostly use it to upload pictures of things that I have been doing with my life or to comment on friends’ pictures.  I rarely update statuses via Facebook and now do that on Twitter.  My Facebook profile has various privacy settings depending on the people that I accept to be my “friend”.

·      Twitter > I use my twitter to keep up with various stars that I am a fan of and to make comments or updates about myself.   My tweets are able to be viewed by the public, in order to be able to get re-tweeted and increase my visibility.  I have various lists, which organize the people that I may not follow but want to be able to see what they are updating about.

·      Pinterest > Pinterest is the best and easiest way to see my tastes and style.  I have 18 different boards, which are categories that I classify my interests as, consisting of 556 pins. Pins are the actual “thing” that I like and want to display on my profile for various reasons.

·      Linkedin> I use Linkedin to network with business professionals.  My Linkedin account is strictly business related.  It describes my experiences in the work environment and what I plan to do in the future.

·      Instagram> Instagram is my newest form of social media.  I use this to show people what I am doing by a single picture.  I also admire the editing tools of Instagram in order to make the picture more desirable. 

The quote by Mr. Kaufman, “If you use your willpower once to change the environment, there’s no discipline required.”  I am a procrastinator.  Most people are.  I think I get a rush from being under pressure.  When I am on a deadline and need to get stuff done I find that it is better for me to turn off my internet (if possible) in order to not use social networks as a distraction. 

Karra Logan

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