Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Internet Hacking

Dear Richmond and Bilton,
Your article,“Transformed Social Interaction in Collaborative Virtual Environments” about online security and hackers is extremely interesting.  I thought it was interesting to read about the anti-hacking group of hackers.  These people work for government and other institutions that are set out to stop hackers.  I feel this is important because if it was not for these people, internet hacking would be a lot worse today.  People’s private information is being stolen and their money is also being spent elsewhere as individuals have their credit card information stolen as well.

However, there are no repercussions for internet hackers.  There needs to be consequences that they have to suffer.  With no reprimands right now, internet hackers will stop at noting with their persistence, as you mention in your article.  When laws are enforced, the number of hackers will diminish and the anti-hacking group will be able to focus on the most danger ones.

Steve Schreck 

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