Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Online Play

Online play is strangely addicting like Tanz writes about in Cow clicker. I do find myself strangely attached to useless games like the 101 +21 games app. The games are all boring mundane games that are not anything new and frankly if anything, they are boring. But you start but with 4 games and to play all the games, you need in game money to unlock the games. Each time you play a game you get in game money and you receive money when you achieve the score the game tells you have to beat. You also get money for logging into the app every single day. I find myself addicted to this game because even though the games are all stupid, I just want to feel the satisfaction of unlocking all the games. The cow clicker is like this in that same way, you want to be at the top of the chart with the most clicks and unlock all the stupid things it gives you. The only difference is that cow clicker was not meant to be the game it was, but just a message about these kind of games holding no true value.

But at the same time online play can also provide social interaction as Williams states. There are many games where the game becomes more than just the game but about the bonds you form. In games like WoW, you join guilds and in that community you chat and spend time together. For me currently, Shadow Cities is a game that becomes more than just the game, but about the people in the game. I started playing the game for the game, but I started to wonder about the people behind the game, so I started to talk to them. I also wondered about the people in the game and how they actually acted in real life. Was the player, GiantDong, an egotistical perverted guy? Was he one in real life? The answer was no to both actually, but I would not have found this out without interacting in the game and forming bonds.

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